Monday, 30 January 2012

My New Gadget

Today I got a metal potato ricer which, just in case your wondering, is the best thing since sliced bread!  I am loving it.  Now I too can have silken potatoes and no longer will the mash that I envy so much be only the domain of others. 

Of course given it is only my first time using it, (not that you'd think it should be difficult) I managed to under cook my potatoes and so have ended up with slightly grainy mash.  Perhaps some more butter/milk/cream will sort it.  But not to worry, I'll get it right next time.


  1. Your one member has not been visiting for a few weeks, and look, there are two new posts on your blog! Well done! I enjoy yor writing and I really need to practise writing English myself, so here is a comment. Still I cannot wait to see you in Norway in May.:)Love K

    1. We are looking forward to it :)