Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Day 2

There was a nice surprise this morning in the form of a half eaten mouse on the sitting room floor.  I have to say that kitten doesn't look as if he'd have it in him but there it was none the less. Just as I was thinking how am I going to clean this mess up without throwing up, (my toes were hurting because I had them scrunched so tight) the hubby walked in and so it all got sorted, thankfully without me having to touch it.

So last night I got together with a friend who is interested in hosting a pop up supper club with me.  Its only taken us about 6mths to get together but we have manage to settle on a name - Livingstone Supper Club, a date - 29th Oct 2011 and a menu - Halloweenish theme.  I am very excited, I hope it goes well.  We will have place for 20 people, so now all we need to do is get tickets sold.  The first supper club is going to be in aid of a small charity called Best Beginnings, based in North West London which promotes a healthy start in life for premature and full term babies for the first two years.  Have a look at their website for more information

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 1

A friend told me about a book called "The Happiness Project" where you create a list for yourself once a month or so, nothing unmanageable but things you want to achieve - like not to get so frustrated the moment you get in the car maybe and in the process perhaps make yourself a little bit more happy with the ticking off of that list.  Now truthfully I haven't read the book and am only going on what my friend has told me but it sounds like a good idea.  So I am now starting my own happiness project and the first thing on my list is to write a blog.

I am very nervous about doing this and putting myself out there, as it were but I don't expect it to be read by anyone really.  I am well aware that there is already so much being written by talented people who can make you laugh or cry on a whim and I am not one.  But I do feel that I would like to put fingers to keyboard and see my thoughts as the written word.  So here I go.........

I consider myself to be a very lucky person, I have a beautiful family and friends who love me and a 10 year old Zafira that just keeps trucking.  But, I have to say sometimes I want more.  Sometimes I want to be successful in a career but I haven't managed that, perhaps I'm too fickle.  At the moment I'm really into food and cooking.  I like it and I'm good at it.  I want to host a supper club but I worry about the cats hairs and the food.  Also the fam aren't too happy about people they don't know wandering through their house.  I am in the process of teaching the boy to cook, well hardly a boy these days, more a young man at 18.  His gap year beckons, with it independence and the cutting of the apron strings!  When I say teaching him to cook, its more him welding a sharp knife towards his fingers (he's left handed, so I get even more uneasy because it all looks so awkward) and me cleaning up the mess created.

I'm enjoying this it feels quite cathartic, more later.......