Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Writers Block

So I have been doing a writing course for a few weeks now just to try and better my blog, and I am sure of two things.  One, writers block is real and two, writing doesn't come easy to me.  It's an odd thing really, it seems that if I try and force myself to write the articles for the homework we have been set I just can't pull it together.  I write different paragraphs starting in different ways to try and find a style that allows me to flow freely, but I think it still reads in a disjointed way.  I don't want to plagiarise someone else, so my head aches with trying so hard while finding it so difficult.  Perhaps it's the style of writing itself which is being asked for that is beyond me.  I don't seem to be able to write with a dispassionate voice.  I like to just be me, whether that means nobody reads what I have to say I don't mind so much - well maybe a bit.

I have learnt quite a few things which I'm putting into practice, like using my new grammar book which is actually very useful - it's amazing what you forget.  Trying not to start all my sentences with 'I' and being as factual and acurate as I can needs to be a constant.  Something that's been very interesting is meeting different people from the foodie industry that have come to talk to us about their area of expertise.  We had the restaurant reviewer Andy Lyons one week and  I particulary liked Jennifer Joyce who came to talk about her cook books and how she got published having not been a TV chef.  Although, it wasn't new news to hear that it was hard work and determination (with a good pinch of luck) that got her recipes into print.

So to make a point, instead of doing my homework like a good girl, I wrote this instead!

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