Monday, 19 September 2011

Still a lot to learn

So I have just read MsMarmite's post on her trip to Ballymaloe to enjoy Outstanding in the field and she has caught the essence of the experience and shared it with everyone even down to the photos she posted.  You could really get a feel for it, I think her style of writing is great and really draws you in.  What a fab blogger you are MsMarmite!  A note to me to improve and  I must remember to take more photos.

Today I am driving myself crazy surrounded by reference books on kitchen design and my morning delivery of Madhur Jaffery's Curry Easy (the cover is soooo pretty) and the Avoca Cafe cookbook (wanted it for ages).  I am in the process of designing our new kitchen, doing scaled drawings and scanning images.  There are tear sheets everywhere.  I'm sure its the too much choice bit that I'm having difficulty with and of course I want us to be happy with the end product.  It's doing my head in!

Ahhh maybe its not so bad.

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