Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 3

Do I really need another cookbook?  I'm not sure I do.  But I do love buying them so and looking at their colourful spines in their cabinet adding colour to its interior makes me smile.  It is true that I have on occasion bought a cookbook on the colour of its spine.  Well I can't help being me.  I did buy Darina Allen's "Forgotten Skills of Cooking" last weekend on the say so of MsMarmite, who happened to make a remark about the book while chatting to me about Outstanding in the field - It's basically an open air lunch, hosted by a local chef, in a picturesque setting.  MsMarmite is off to the one in Ballymaloe in Co. Cork and me to Trealys Farm in Wales. 

To use Darina's book just as a flourish of colour is really rather unfair because besides its wonderful vivid green cover, it is rather good and I can see why she won a prize for it.  There aren't loads of pictures and the ones there are are simple.  I would describe it as an earthy book with no nonsense.  Nothing has been cooked from the book so far, but it did remind me of a dish that my mum used to cook.  Boiled ham with cabbage & mash in a soupy gravy - very simple but divine.

Unfortunately my image doesn't give it the justice it deserves.  I shall be practicing my food styling skills for any future shots.

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